Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Let it snow

Usually I can't stand winter. It's cold, wet, takes an eternity to get kids ready and out the door, and difficult to walk anywhere pushing a stroller over unplowed sidewalks. Did I mention it's cold?

But winter came early this year. Saturday night we were buried under a foot of snow, catching everyone by surprise. Many of our trees still had leaves on them. The snow was so thick and heavy that it is still resting six inches thick on the tree branches.

It's an absolute winter wonderland.

Softly falling flakes have been coming down on and off for the past few days. One minute the sky is a beautiful bright blue and the next we are in our own little snowglobe. Last night the snowflakes were so large and falling so slowly that I stood for a few minutes in the grocery store parking lot staring up into the midnight sky, in absolute awe of the beauty. The contrast of dark wood and ivory snow have illuminated the abundance of trees in Orangeville, making every drive nearly like a "picture print by Currier and Ives".

We usually hold off until December to decorate for the Christmas season, but nature has set the pace for us all - how can we not revel in the glow of Christmas lights, the scent of candles, and the green hues of garlands when outside our windows are a blanket of snow?

And so I say...let it snow! Let the warmth of the holiday season banish the chill of winter winds. Let it snow!

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