Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Oh computer trouble

It's been a month since I've written...because I was having trouble getting into the writing posts part of my account.  I never did fix the problem but I've found a work around.

So many times I've sat down with little thoughts and ideas, inspirations, books, frustrations, trials and victories.  Now I feel like they are gone with the wind.

January has passed like the months before.  Supply teaching, writing, parenting, music.

I sent in Juliette's kindergarten registration this week.  Perhaps it was a good thing that we had had a particularly hard day together (it's been like that for a while.)  She spent the majority of the afternoon and evening yelling at me, unhappy with everything around her.  So as I filled in the registration I wasn't feeling all that emotional.  But come September I am guessing I'll feel differently.

Colin and Caleb are firmly entrenched in rep soccer.  Right now it's two nights a week, but things will get complicated come the summer.  The current schedule has all four kids having their soccer game on Wednesday night.  I'm not sure how that will pan out, given that Colin's are travel games to nearby cities.  But such are the joys of four children.  I love that they have this talent and love as part of their identity.  James and I have talked often about how navigating the high school years is much easier when you have a "thing."  Too many teens are floating aimlessly in their free time, which can lead to trouble.  I had both field hockey and the theatre, and both of these things helped me find friends with common interests, and kept my nose in the books (if your grades slip you aren't allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities.)

Benjamin is trying his best to catch up with his older brothers, and I fear he may never quite manage.  He always seems to be in between, oscillating between his older brothers and Juliette.  We're working hard on helping him find his own place in the family (that will hopefully eliminate the whining!)

I've been supply teaching quite a bit, so much so that I feel like a real part of the staff at the local school.  I know most of the teachers now, and I feel quite comfortable settling into a chair in the staff room and participating in conversation.  My hope is that I will be able to teach at that very school when I graduate.

And finally, I'm well on my way on my first publishing goal.  As chance (providence) would have it, a group of women in a church Facebook group were looking for a scripture study program.  I offered mine, as a sort of test pilot.  They are eager, which means that as of Monday I'm on the hook for posting one entry per day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks.  I'm nearly through the second edit, which will make it ready for this study.  When I finish at the end of March, I will take all the final comments and suggestions, make a final edit and submit by April 30!

Friday, 1 January 2016


New Year.  New Goals.

This year I'm focusing on writing.  I have a few really solid ideas that I want to just put my mind to getting on paper.  I'm going to highlight them here, just as a way to keep myself accountable.  I'm not expecting to get all of them done this year, but these are the first five projects that are already on the go (some are outlined, some in writing stage, others are in editing or almost done.)

1.  Homegrown

A children's picture book. Each page features an artistic, colourful photograph of a food that is grown locally here in Ontario.  Accompanying the photograph are a few poetic lines.  I'm hoping this will be popular for elementary classes as they learn about where food comes from and what grows locally.

2.  Called to Be

A collection of stories from people who specifically chose their job or career because they felt God had called them there.  Each chapter will highlight a different job, and will show how, even when someone is not called to ministry full time, they can still bring the light of Christ to others.  This book is meant first for young adults as they reach the time to choose a career path, and also for those who haven't yet found their calling in life, or who are going to make a change.

3.  Personalized Scriptures - King Benjamin's Speech

An in-depth study of a few chapters from the Book of Mormon.  Half study guide and half journal, this slow study method asks personal questions and helps relate ancient scripture to modern life.

4.  Cold Trap

A final draft of this screenplay I've been commissioned to write is still on this year's docket.

5.  Anything Can Happen - in space

A children's choose your own adventure type, where each page is tells a portion of the story, but you can read the pages in any order you like.


A few things French:

At Benjamin's last parent-teacher conference, the only suggestion she had was that Ben needed to choose to speak French more than he does.  He's completely bilingual, she assured me.  And, in spite of school rules that dictate no English should be spoken at any time, Ben often chooses English instead.  "Even in class," she laughed.  "I'm standing right in front of him and he's speaking English.  'I'm right here!' and he just smiles and switches back to French.


Last night while at a New Year's Eve party, we met some new friends who were from France.  Their young children spoke no English, but there was no shortage of French-speaking Canadians to help them feel welcome.  I urged the seven year old boy to seek out Colin and Caleb, both of whom can freely converse in his language.  I started to mention Ben, then backed off.  Given his school history, I figured he probably wouldn't jump in.

To my surprise (and a wonderful one at that) when I collected Ben to leave the party, I found him sitting with this new friend.  As we walked away, I asked if he had been speaking French with him.  "Of course, Mom.  He's from France and he only speaks French."  All night he had played with this new friend, completely comfortable in his second language.


Today while playing the board game Cranium, Benjamin had to hum a tune for his team to guess.  James whispered the song and Ben started.  Now, Ben is our little songbird, and can sing completely on pitch in the sweetest little voice.  But we sat scratching our heads as we tried to make out the hesitant notes he made.  The humming was throwing him off, so he glanced at James and asked "Can I hum it in French?"  We burst out laughing, although he had no idea why.  With James' approval, he started again and we quickly made out "O Canada."