Friday, 1 January 2016


New Year.  New Goals.

This year I'm focusing on writing.  I have a few really solid ideas that I want to just put my mind to getting on paper.  I'm going to highlight them here, just as a way to keep myself accountable.  I'm not expecting to get all of them done this year, but these are the first five projects that are already on the go (some are outlined, some in writing stage, others are in editing or almost done.)

1.  Homegrown

A children's picture book. Each page features an artistic, colourful photograph of a food that is grown locally here in Ontario.  Accompanying the photograph are a few poetic lines.  I'm hoping this will be popular for elementary classes as they learn about where food comes from and what grows locally.

2.  Called to Be

A collection of stories from people who specifically chose their job or career because they felt God had called them there.  Each chapter will highlight a different job, and will show how, even when someone is not called to ministry full time, they can still bring the light of Christ to others.  This book is meant first for young adults as they reach the time to choose a career path, and also for those who haven't yet found their calling in life, or who are going to make a change.

3.  Personalized Scriptures - King Benjamin's Speech

An in-depth study of a few chapters from the Book of Mormon.  Half study guide and half journal, this slow study method asks personal questions and helps relate ancient scripture to modern life.

4.  Cold Trap

A final draft of this screenplay I've been commissioned to write is still on this year's docket.

5.  Anything Can Happen - in space

A children's choose your own adventure type, where each page is tells a portion of the story, but you can read the pages in any order you like.

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