Friday, 18 September 2009

Tuckered out

So it turns out that a whole day at school seems to be a little too much for my little guy. On Wednesday the teacher mentioned that when she went out to collect the kids after lunch recess, Colin was lying face down on the grass, dozing. He pronounced himself "too tired" for any more kindergarten that day. Luckily the teacher encouraged him enough to come inside and not only did he finish the day out, but he pulled his brother in the wagon the entire walk home from school.

So even moving bedtime to 7pm for Colin (a feat in this house, where we can't let Caleb go to sleep any earlier than 8pm) and letting him get at least 12 hours of sleep at night doesn't seem to be enough yet. I really thought he might nap more regularly on his days off, but he hasn't taken to that, either. I'm hoping that after a couple of weeks he will settle into a routine and either find more energy or succumb to the afternoon nap (I wish!)

There was no question in our mind if Colin was socially and intellectually ready to start school this year. Being born in December, I always kept it in mind that it would be easy enough to wait until next year for him to start. What I have noticed, however, is that there are some areas now evident in which his young age is showing in a classroom with children nearly two years older than he is. Exhaustion and energy levels is definitely one, toilet training another. A third I have realized is being emotionally ready, being in a classroom of 20 children and needing to operate on his own to a certain extent. This will definitely take some time for him to adjust to, but I hope that the independence we have fostered in him will kick in and ease this transition a little more.

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