Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring here is, finally! With a last blast of slushy snow on Saturday night, winter walked out and let spring in. I pulled out the rainboots and mudpants and we all spent the morning outdoors. Benjamin dozed in his stroller (and is still sleeping out on the deck while I make lunch). Caleb ambled around from toy to toy, content to play on his own. Colin asked to play baseball.

I know every mother thinks her kid is great, but my kid is awesome! Can he ever play baseball! Having never played before, I gave him a few pointers as he picked up the bat. Square your feet to the plate, turn your head toward me, keep your eye on the ball. I stood about six feet away and lobbed the ball toward him. THWACK!!!! A massive hit launched the ball right toward me. I ducked out of the way as the ball flew by my, all the way to the other side of the yard. Now, it wasn't an actual baseball, just one of those hollow plastic ones kids start with. But the thing flew a good 30 feet or so! Beginner's luck, right? Wrong. He hit 9 out of 10 pitches I threw in the strike zone. Can my kid ever play baseball!

Throwing and catching we still have to work on. He's still got that "shut your eyes tight" instinct when the ball comes at him (he should try standing on the other side of his bat - even when I moved back to pitch the ball from 10 feet, I still flinched every time he hit the ball back toward me!) I don't doubt that after a few more hits, we'll be retrieving that ball from the neighbours yard more than a few times!

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