Thursday, 6 December 2012

To write

So many days seem to go by now between opportunities to catch up on the blog.  Lots happens at home, and lots happens in my mind.  I now have at least four or five places (blogs, friends, etc) where I get my mind stirring.  To each of them I could write an essay in response to each post, and yet I feel like I couldn't accurately express how I feel on each subject.  The other day I penned a submission for the website I occasionally write for; I felt I had a really important piece to say, but had to settle for a mind purge onto paper and to click "submit" without any revisions or second draft (luckily they have a team of editors who will catch any basic errors.)  I love to write, and it's often how I process things, but lately things have just been so busy...

I finally found an online site where I can compile all my blog posts and print them in a book, for a reasonable price.  Perhaps if I don't have the umph to write right now, at least I can gather things into one place for posterity.

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