Monday, 21 January 2013

Things I want to learn

Part of a Relief Society lesson the other day involved making a list of things I want to learn.  There were three categories: mentally, physically and spiritually.  There was a very clear caveat put on this list: it is the list you would make if there were absolutely no limitations, if money, obligations, work, family were not an issue.

Just for interest's sake, at age 32 with a husband and four young children at home, not yet at the stage to really pursue a career or volunteer positions or anything except focusing on my family, these are the things I came up with (in the 2 minutes we had to write it.)

Speak Spanish fluently
Write a non fiction book
Organize my goals and expectations for the kids
Play the violin
Renovate a house
Learn basic car mechanics
Improve my kayaking skills
Cycle long distance
Hike the Bruce trail end to end
Travel in the south of France again
Build a doll house
Memorize an entire chapter of scripture
Publish my blog
Be a youth speaker
Have a "Lower Lights" type music group

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