Friday, 15 August 2014

Writing again

It feels good to be putting words on paper again, and in a much more serious way than I have in the past.  Before, I would scribble ideas here and there, feverishly start a project and then abandon it when the initial flow ran dry.  I've always known that serious writing is more, much more, than that.  But to have hours to carve out to immerse myself in a world, in research, in getting into a groove, well, that was just wishful thinking.

In my mind I have a beautiful little space in my home.  There is a window with sunlight pouring in and green leaves framing the glass on the outside.  There is a cute little desk with a hard backed chair.  There are a few decorative items in soft colours.  My computer adorns the centre, but there is room aplenty to spread out my books and notebook as I go back and forth between materials.  Nearby there is  a comfortable plush chair, big enough for me to recline in my favourite position (head against one arm and legs thrown over the other arm) where I can immerse myself in reading.  It's not necessarily a room unto itself, just a quiet space where I can pass a couple of hours working at writing.

I don't have this space yet, but the past week I have spread myself out on my bed.  Juliette's nap runs almost two hors, during which the older boys get to watch a movie, and I have that quiet time to myself.  The afternoon sun pours in through the bedroom window and illuminates the cream walls and white duvet.  The bed is plenty big enough for the laptop, the ipad, two books and notepad that are necessary to my current project.  And after a lovely trip to the beach on Monday with a fellow writer, I have been inspired once more to get serious about a writing project.

So far this project is simply falling out of my head and onto paper.  I read and write furiously for two hours, and feel I could easily go another hour or two if time allowed.  But perhaps the shortened time keeps me fresh and excited for the next day instead of allowing me to grow bored from spending too long in one thing.

The last time I wrote my own projects this seriously was actually almost exactly a year ago.  Autumn weather has rushed in these past few days and I think the shift is re-energizing me.

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