Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I have a saying:

"If I'm running, it's because something is chasing me, so you better run, too,"

Running is all the rage right now.  Almost everyone I know is doing it.  And I can't stand running.  I love biking and walking, and I choose one or the other over driving every single time I can.  When I was in university, there were some days when I had nothing planned that I would just start out walking from my east end apartment, and keep going for eight or nine hours before hopping on a streetcar back home.  I love to read about CS Lewis' weekend walking trips, when he and a few friends would walk the moors of England for days on end.

But I do not run.

That being said, this morning I did I 5K.  Speed walking, not running, but it felt pretty neat to say "this morning I did a 5K."  I happened to arrive at the trail at the same time as a group of moms I know and their babies in strollers, so I "joined" their group, graciously saying for them to go on ahead and not wait for me.  Most of the group was out of eye shot pretty quick, but my speed walking was nearly as fast as the mom ahead of me.  In fact, I only finished about 2 minutes behind that first group at the end. It's not the speed I protest, but the actual running motion.  That up and down jogging, landing on your knees, jiggling everything to no end.

Good weather is here and I like to get up and going early.  I hope to walk, bike or kayak every morning at least for the next two weeks until school is out.  The summer might prove harder, with kids at different speeds, but we all love to be active outdoors so we'll figure something out.

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