Sunday, 29 July 2007

Our new home

Our growing Gawthroupe family is moving into a new home. James and I have bought our first house, and so come September we will be moving up to Orangeville.

We hadn't been planning on moving this quickly, thinking we'd more likely move next spring. However, everything aligned just right and so we find ourselves moving in two months. We will certainly miss many of the friends we have made here, but we hope to keep in contact and visit often.

Our top reasons for loving this house:

1) A backyard! Colin is so at home in the great outdoors. If we have to stay inside for the day, he might throw anywhere from 5-10 tantrums as he finds himself frustrated with the confinement. He has never had any problems while wandering around outside. With a large deck for me to sit out on and a huge yard for him to run around in, hopefully it will make for a bit more peace at home.

2) An office space for James! James has been finding it hard to get work done at home, since Colin is such a Daddy's boy. Often he's been shutting himself up in the bedroom so that Colin isn't aware that he's home. Even though the workspace is in the basement, it will be a lot easier on the whole family.

3) A 5 minute walk to the main street and other shops! With only one car, I've often felt confined at home. With so many stores, rec centres and the library within such a short distance, getting out will be much easier.

Of course, we will greatly miss this fabulous location of where we're living now. If you haven't been to our place, we live right on Lake Ontario, with many parks and walking paths around us. The houses are beautiful (not to mention worth at least a million dollars each!) and the people are so friendly. I have always been one whose emotions are greatly lifted while in nature, and it will be hard leaving the water.

I am SO excited, however, about finally having a place to decorate, fix up, keep up, etc. I've restrained myself while in this apartment, as we didn't want to put too much money into a rental place. James has also kept my natural "fix-it" tendencies in check, since all repairs are covered by the apartment. Now I find myself waking early in the morning, swimming in ideas of how to make our new house into a home.

Here are a few photos - enjoy! We hope to see some of you at our new place.

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