Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Two lessons I've learned from Pregnancy

Most of you know how little I enjoy being pregnant. I thought finding out the sex of this baby might help in the connection, but truly, I'm just so exhausted and ill and in pain all the time that I can't wait for it to be over.

However, I can say I have learned to important lessons during this pregnancy, neither of which have anything directly to do with bearing children!

Lesson number one: Time Management.

Being ill has allowed me to reexamine what really needs doing around here, and what doesn't. General tidying - yes. We've all nearly broken our necks on stray toys, wayward shoes and floating dishes. Deep cleaning - no. So the bathroom didn't get a full scrub this week. Rinsing out the sink with my hand while I brush my teeth at least means I don't have to look at the dust. Dishes - yes. The only thing worse than day-old dishes is two-day-old dishes. And three-day-old dishes. It's never worth putting it off, and I cannot stand to start preparing a meal if my counter is cluttered with dishes. Meal planning - no. This was a hard one for me, as I love to experiment with cooking, creating new meal ideas for James and I. It really is one of my simple pleasures. However, I have realized that sometimes a quick nap/rest will do me much better, and if we eat ravioli from a can, a bowl of cereal, some crackers and a few grapes, well, at least we have food on the table and in our tummies. Naps - yes. Another tough one. I am a multi-tasker, and I still haven't found a way to multi-task during naps. I'm a busy-builder, project-maker, go-getter that thrives on a full schedule. But I have learned that drifting off on the floor during playtime with Colin doesn't really count as playtime. I may have been a 5-6 hour sleeper in the past, but now I need a good 9 hours at night, plus at least an hour or two in the afternoon. I am often still groggy, but at least I am able to strike a few things off the ever-growing to-do list!

Lesson number two: Clearing the Clutter

Trying to imagine how we'll fit another baby into our small apartment has opened my eyes to the vast amount of stuff we have! I feel as though the walls will burst at any moment. As we prepare to possibly move into a house in the not-too-distant future, I have one resolution - I will take LESS with me than I have now! Many people have the easy habit of moving into more space only to fill it with more stuff. Not me - no way. I'm making trips to thrift stores - not to buy, but to give away. I'm collecting all those wayward items we've borrowed over the years and returning them to their rightful owner (sorry to all those who are recipients of more stuff, courtesy us!) I'm being ruthless with garbage, filling bags and recycling bins. My sentimental attachment to things cannot be healthy, and I am attacking this "virus" vehemently!

And so, basking in this bright and cheery and positive attitude, I happily take away these lessons, praying this new knowledge will stick long past the next four months and into the next phase of my life!

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