Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Adding to the family

A good friend of mine was pregnant at the same time as I have been, and it's been a good outlet to have someone to go through this experience with. She also has difficult pregnancies, and so we often leaned on each other for sympathy over the last 6 months.

She gave birth on Sunday (a healthy baby boy - her 4th!) and all of a sudden it really hit me how my family and life is about to change. I got to know her right when her 3rd child was born, so I've only ever known her as a mother of 3. When we got the phone call that she had delivered, it struck me that her family make-up has completely changed. There will actually be another person living there when we visit tomorrow. Not a guest or a boarder, but a permanent family member.

And so it led me to think about how it has been just the three of us (James, Colin and me) in our family for the past 20 months, and how that will be forever altered come November. I don't think I had truly considered that before this time. I don't ever remember feeling this way before Colin was born. I guess the second child is giving me food for thought because from now on my attention will always be divided.

Less than three months to go...

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Kevin H. said...

A month now since your last post, Terri-Ann. Just too much on your plate these days, or is it the lack of friendly comments getting you down?

I'd love to see you jump back in the saddle because this site is one of the few ways I get to "keep in touch", now that the mysterious phone ghost is rearing its ugly head (still haven't figured out what's up with that -- only ever happened with you specifically).

Anyway, just a shout-out ftom the wings, a sign of solidarity, a gesture of faith and friendship, etc.

Stay well.