Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Learning numbers

I am so amazed at how quickly children learn. Over the last few months, Colin has started to learn his numbers. He has always enjoyed reading and has taken a specific interest in letters and numbers. Whenever he sees letters or numbers, it grabs his attention and he points to each individual character, inquiring of us what it says. One of his favourite games is to walk through our appartment parking lot and point to each numbered parking space. We also live on the 5th floor, and so each time we are in the elevator, we count the floors.

I guess it should come as no surprise then that he already knows his numbers. He's definitely got 1 through 5 down, and 6 through 9 come and go. I try not to track his progress against other children, and so I have no idea if this is a unique achievement at his age or not, but to me, seeing this young boy so excited that he can recognize these things, amazes me.

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