Friday, 26 October 2007

Any day now...

Our family will be expanding any day now! This weekend I'll be 38 weeks, which is what I was when Colin was born. My doctor seemed to insinuate the baby will be along sooner rather than later, which is a relief!

I've been suffering from some dizzy spells, and although I was not put on bedrest, the doctor did say I should try to be either sitting or lying down most of the day. Not easy when you're still trying to get settled in a new house and run after a two year old at the same time! I'm also nauseous as anything, and hardly sleeping at all. I must be the only person in the world who will get more sleep once the new baby arrives!

I've gone through an interesting emotional transition this past week. For the longest time I was just pregnant. Yeah, I knew there would eventually be a new baby, but it hadn't really registered. But this past week all of a sudden I've felt as though the baby were already here. What I mean is that the whole giving birth and bringing the baby home seems very natural to me. I'm not experiencing any anxiety or wonder at how I'll manage. I guess I can best sum it up by saying it feels as though our family is really ready to go from three to four people.

Most of you probably remember how ill-prepared we were for Colin's birth. Everyone told us to expect the first baby to come late. We were ready for late. I was not ready for early! So when I started to experience contractions, I thought it was just false labour, Braxton Hicks, or something else in my body preparing for the birth. But now that I know what to expect, every little cramp I get, everytime the baby shifts lower, I wonder "is this it?" This baby better come soon, because the suspense is what's getting to me! I wish it was much more scientific - "here's the day you'll deliver the baby and that's that." The waiting and wondering is making me hope for the labour part of it all!

But nevertheless, when the baby's ready to come, he'll come. He's another small guy, just over 5 pounds at the ultrasound last week, so chances are he'll be about as big as Colin was. So I guess each day I don't give birth means he'll be that much bigger, which is good. It's quite possible, however, that my next entry will include pictures of our new baby Gawthroupe!

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