Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Love Dare

A local Christian television program (100 Huntley Street) is launching an interesting project for the New Year. Based on the book "The Love Dare" (which is based on the movie "Fireproof"), it is a challenge for couples (mostly married couples) to expand and explore their relationship. No matter the condition of your relationship - whether you are both hanging on by a thread, or if one person seems to have checked out, whether you are newlywed or celebrating 25 years together, whether your marriage needs a little check up or if you want to enrich an already wonderful marriage, the Love Dare has something to offer you.

At this time of New Years Resolutions, promises we traditionally make to ourselves and break within the month, this resolution is 40 days long and involves considering a different aspect of love and relationships every day. Each day also has a challenge - some active step you can take to demonstrate love toward your partner. There is no illusion that it will be easy - the first day involves saying nothing negative toward your spouse for the entire day. Heaven knows that can be difficult, if not next to impossible some days! But just imagine the reward after 40 days of selfless acts of love toward the one you have given your heart to.

You don't even need the book - you can follow along online at Every day a new dare will be posted. There are three couples taking the challenge and posting online about their journey. You can follow along with them and read about others as they are en route to discovery.

I'm definitely going to take this journey also, although I will likely wait for a month or so until we are settled in a little more with Benjamin. But I so encourage everyone to pop over to the webiste, have a look, and see if it isn't a New Years Resolution you might be interested in making. This is one challenge that could change your life and your marriage.


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