Thursday, 17 December 2009

The nesting itch

I've got the nesting itch and I can't wait to scratch it! I'm still beyond exhausted and can't find it in me to tackle the day old dishes, mop the much-needed kitchen floor, do the bi-annual toy clean-out, scrub the bathroom, or do any of the other hundred things around here that need doing. But I'm really feeling the urge to get down to it! Should be less than 2 weeks until the baby arrives, and hopefully my recovery is as quick as my last two.

The once nice thing about winter babies is that there is nothing outside to lure me away from getting the house back in order. I'm not a winter person at all; if I have to go outside I bundle up in more layers than the kid in the book "50 Below." I will have lots of time to bustle around my home, cleaning and tidying and making our house feel like a home again.

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