Thursday, 30 December 2010


It's so strange when something happens with your third child that is completely new. Benjamin has discovered our floor vents. An acute fascination with them led to the discovery that they can be lifted out. Neither Colin nor Caleb ever knew they came out, or at least they never bothered to do it. Now all day I hear "clunk clunk clunk" as Benjamin lifts the vents and reveals the gaping holes and ducts in the floors around the home. Luckily, he's too big to fit down, although I'm sure a leg or an arm could fall through and get him stuck. Unluckily, I'm sure it won't be long, if it hasn't happened already, that things start being tossed down there. Benjamin already loves the "throw things from my high chair" game. "Throw things down the floor vent" is, I'm sure, much more fun.

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heather80 said...

We eventually had to use packing tape and tape the one to the basement down when Shea was that age. Things that have been thrown down there include: crayons, crackers, and, well, pee.