Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bosom friends from far away

It was the beloved literary character Anne of Green Gables that made famous the term "bosom friends." It refers to a friend whose friendship reaches right down to the heart of each of you.

Today I have been thinking about two friends who I wish lived much closer.

Lori lives an hour and a half away, on the other side of Toronto. She has five beautiful children. She loves music and theatre and teaching and reading. She directs musicals (I wish I could be a part of.) She is in a book club (I wish I could join.) She taught the gifted class and believes in true learning and education, not just schooling. She is all things music and I'm sure we could pass hours singing at the piano together. She has a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ and an equal passion to share the good news through the talents with which she has been blessed. Other than having 5 children (I'm two shy), when you describe her you could be describing me.

Lori and I have a constant back-and-forth about how the other person needs to move closer. The other day, when she mentioned she had a copy of a book I'm looking for, she told me I needed to move closer. So I told her we need to start keeping score. 1-0 for her. Today I evened it up when she wished to be part of an impromptu Christmas sing-a-long I'm hosting. We both love our respective towns, but I'm really hoping one day ours wins out and she moves here!

The other friend, Bonnie, lives 2 hours away. We've only met up a handful of times, but an email and blog correspondence meant we got to know each other really well. Bonnie also has a love of music, God, and family. Bonnie has 6 lovely children, and she homeschools them in her country home, complete with goats and chickens. She has found herself in a simpler way of life that I deeply admire. She also loves a good debate; I do too - I good debate always fires me up! Bonnie challenges me, flips my way of thinking on its head, gets me out of my comfort zone, and I love it. There is so much out there to learn, so many ways to open your eyes, and it's too easy to settle down and forget how to really live!

I am so grateful for technology today that lets me keep in touch with friends like these. My life is so richer because of them.

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