Sunday, 11 December 2011


Yesterday Colin came into my room to find me playing old fashioned solitaire, on the computer. (It's less messy than real cards when you're playing it in bed.) With genuine interest, he asked what I was playing.

Mommy: It's a card game, called Solitaire.
Colin: How do you play?
Mommy: Well, you have to get all the cards in order, but there are some other rules and things, too.
Colin: Like what?
Mommy: (giving in, even though she is very tired and not feeling well) Up here you have to get them all in the same group by their symbol, starting at one and going up to king. And down here they have to count down, but you also have to alternate colours, red and black. And up here is where you get your new cards from, but you can only choose the card on top.
Colin: Oh. (pause.) Shouldn't you put that block five on that red six, then?
Mommy: (to herself) Oh shoot, how long has that been sitting there?
Mommy: (aloud): Yes, that's exactly right.
Colin: And if you do that, then you can put the 3 and 4 and 5 of the hearts up at the top.
Mommy: I guess it wasn't that complicated of a game after all.
Colin: Can I tell you where all the cards go?
Mommy: Sure love.

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Erin said...

That made me laugh!!