Friday, 9 December 2011

Early morning

Colin (not Caleb, but Colin, my "sleeper") woke up at 4am this morning. He told me he couldn't sleep because he was too excited for pyjama day at school today. I told him to crawl in bed with me, but then he just lay awake beside me, fidgeting and talking. He actually was that excited. For pyjama day.

This does not bode well for Christmas morning.


Mom said...

Don't you think that pyjama day is much more exciting than Christmas Day? I was always a good sleeper-inner - except on Christmas Day - the rule was that we could come out of our bedrooms at 6am - inevitably I was awake before then and had to wait (torture) until 6am. Hopefully, Colin won't wake up too early, but just in case, maybe you better have a nap the day before. :-)

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