Tuesday, 6 March 2012


There is a blue sky outside, but even that is not helping the case indoors today.

After a surprisingly healthy winter, our family finally caught a bug. Thankfully it's not a strong one. Unfortunately it did not hit everyone at once, but each kid one day at a time. I sort of wish I could have just quarantined everyone to the living room with a big puking bucket and a boatload of towels.

Today all three kids are home. Caleb is pretty much over it, but an accident 5 minutes before the bus came this morning convinced me to keep him home. He gets grumpy and teary-eyed at school if he's not 100%. Plus there was NO WAY I was going to trudge out all the kids to pick him up if he did get sick at school. Seems like it was a false alarm.

Colin fell asleep on the couch at 10am, which means he'll be awake during nap time, which means I won't get to sleep. Not good, since I've been up three nights in a row with sick kids. My mother instinct doesn't let me fall back asleep after I've been up once with a sick child. I just lie in bed with my ears tuned to every single bump and creak.

Benjamin is fine, health-wise, and a terror, behaviour-wise. He is climbing up everything to get things he isn't allowed. I'm afraid to leave the room because he'll surely break his neck while I'm gone. I heard him tip over a container of Cheerios this morning. And I just left it. It was already all over the floor. Might as well get 20 minutes of distraction out of it.

Aaaaaaand, to top it all off, my nausea and dizziness and migraines are back with a vengeance. I had 3 AWESOME days last week, where I even organized the basement and fixed the leak in the kitchen sink with my dad and cleaned and tidied the bedrooms. Now I'm back to the yuckiness. Which is made worse by the kids throwing up, because it makes me throw up. I'm trying to rely on Gravol, but I can only take that when I don't need to drive or watch the kids alone for 2 hours after I take it.

Some days can't even be helped by a blue sky.

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