Saturday, 10 March 2012

Illness and other things

It's been a heck of a week. After our whole family staying healthy all winter (even with TWO kids in school), we finally got hit with a flu bug. Everyone got it in succession. James has had it the last two days. I think I avoided it, but then again, how would I know because every day feels like I have the flu.

But enough of that. Illness and sickness is par for the course for me, and frankly, I'm tired of thinking about it.

So I'm thinking about other things.

Like decorating.

Like decorating the kids' bedrooms after the baby comes. I'm brainstorming and surfing the web for boys rooms ideas. I can't decide between something classic, like old model airplanes and faded blues and reds, or something fun and colourful out of Ikea. Right now I'm leaning toward Ikea, because I like the idea of one stop decorating and shopping. I'm just not that good at putting things together from all over the place, and collections that coordinate were made for people like me.

The nursery will be another project. If we have a boy, it will stay how it is. If we have a girl, then I'm going to try something with green and brown, with a little blue for Benjamin and a little pink for the girl. (Yes, until we do the extension in another few years, our two youngest will share a room, no matter the sex of the new baby.)

And the KITCHEN! The kitchen in our house is the bane of my existence. There just isn't much that can be done. I've considered all sorts of renovation ideas, including knocking out a wall into the back of the garage when we do our big reno. But really, nothing will improve what we have enough to make the expense worth it. But I can give it a facelift, which is what I'm planning. Some new floors, a new counter top, and a makeover for the cabinet doors. The cabinets were the real sticking point for me, because they are custom size, very large, and can't be solved easily by replacing or painting. But I'm considering a fun beadboard redo of them, which actually has me excited about it.

Of course, all this must wait at least until September. But it's something else to look forward to!

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