Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tidbits on me

I've picked up the violin again.  Love that sound.  More than I can say.  If I ever get somewhat proficient on it, it may become my favourite instrument.  I've also been listening a lot to Jenny Oaks Baker, an amazing violinist.

One big reason I picked up Jenny Oaks Baker is because my kids really love to listen to classical music.  I by "really love" I mean that they don't complain and ask me to turn it off or change it to something different.  I put on a classical radio station in the car to keep the mood calm and to calm Juliette.  I always like to tell them what instrument is being featured so they can start to distinguish the different sounds.  The other day I mentioned "this is a violin" and Caleb declared "Mom, I know that!"  Good, it's working!

I'm finally getting around to painting Juliette's nursery.  It takes me forever to pick paint colours.  I also want to finally do the downstairs again (after 5 years), but I still haven't settled on exactly which brown I want.  I think I need to hire a decorator.  I can build a fence, but I can't pick paint.

The boys have been nutso lately.  I think I falter in parenting now and then because I'm unsure of what is normal for boys.  I get that they are going to be more rambunctious than girls, but I'm not happy with the level of "accidental" hurting that seems to be happening.  I try to emphasize that if they choose to engage in rambunctious play that they are in effect signing a waiver absolving me of any responsibility should they get hurt.  Unfortunately, that doesn't ease the headache-inducing level of crying that results from such activity.

We are back into chapter books - Pippi Longstocking.  A favourite from my childhood, and the first book of a book club a friend of Colin's is having.  He thought it was so grown-up to be invited to a book club.  I participate in one every month and he's excited that he gets to participate in something like me.

This month's book club book was fantastic.  My favourite so far.  It was called Secret Daughter, and it's about India.  So fascinating.  (I apologize to my brother-in-law whom I grilled about his own family's journey from India to Canada.)

Christmas is gearing up.  Choirs to lead, music to select, programs to write, Nativity floats to star in (yes, we are Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus this year!)

I was able to get into the kid's classrooms last week.  Colin's class had been learning about music and his teacher played the trumpet for them.  So I offered to bring in my selection of instruments and play for them.  Clarinet, flute, violin, guitar.  Plus I brought my conducting baton and had them all play their very own instrument - their voice.  They thought that was really neat.  I stopped into Caleb's class during snacktime and played for them also.  I have such a passion about exposing kids to music.  I got two requests from teachers at the school for a couple of basic guitar chord lessons, which I'm hoping to set up for them soon.  Plus some other students and teachers wanted me to come back in to their classes.  Once Juliette is in school, I really think I'm going to pursue bringing music to local schools.

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