Sunday, 17 March 2013


I've been pondering lately about man's solitary nature.  We can have an abundance of family members and be surrounded by friends, but ultimately we are alone.  We are born alone into this world, and alone we leave it.  A spouse or a good friend may try to understand our workings, and we may do our best to communicate who we are to them, but language has its own handicaps.  I once saw a diagram that showed the complex nature of communicating a single thought, tracing the idea from its genus in one person's mind, followed by the journey of that person trying to form the idea into words, which then float on air to another person's ears, which then travels up to their mind, then to be disseminated and understood within the realm and understanding of that person's brain.

So complex.  So often resulting in failure, or at best, limited success.  Ideas are so complex.  So often I feel at a loss even when I hear or read my own ideas as I try to get them out of my brain.  So lacking in comparison to the intricacy and intimacy of my thoughts.

I guess these words are a result of all the swirling ideas lately.  I feel like every blog entry has started with "I've been thinking these past days..." or "Lately I've been pondering..." I'm not even sure what has given birth to this plethora of thought.

Solitary.  Complexity.  It's an awesome thought to consider not just my own singular mind, but also all those around me, filled with the same swirling thoughts in their own minds, all alone in the same sense. Funny, it's I don't find this idea lonely, because there is too much to explore, no chance for boredom, when you consider all there is to discover.  When I think about probing new ideas, following a thread over and under and around, winding around this and then unravelling at the next corner, a journey through your mind, running with something and then sitting for hours and just pondering the smallest jot or tittle.

I imagine one of those brain scans, lighting up like a symphony as you make connections and stumble on new pathways.  And all this is done alone, and no one else would even know it's going on while you go about your daily life.  Simply amazing.

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