Sunday, 31 March 2013


Juliette is crawling around everywhere now.  Cute, adorable, little girl crawling with her little bum wiggling behind her.

In other news, I just calculated I spend between 6 and 8 hours every day trying to get someone to sleep/nap.  That's a full time job.  I love my children, but this part is seriously hard!  I've survived the last nine days with only 2 hours of sleep a night (between 4am and 6am).  Thankfully my body pushes through and I don't feel like I've been run over by a bus, even though I probably should.  Juliette is, of course, the majority of that time spent.  She will sleep swaddled in a chair, or curled up on my bed (with or without me in it), and in the swing, but not in the crib.  Unfortunately since she can crawl and pull herself up we're basically at that crucial time when she has to start sleeping in the crib.  She was napping fine in it until she went through a teething bout that gave her a terrible case of post-nasal drip which required her sleeping almost completely upright (so not in the crib.)  Now I feel like we're starting from ground zero again.

Sigh.  But she's so beautiful and cuddly and loves me to pieces.  She's also in that separation anxiety stage and usually will have no one but me.  Gotta love that, as a mom, but also sometimes it would be nice to prepare a meal without her crying for me.

Speaking of teething, she's got four teeth now, the two front bottom and the two front top.

She's also got the cutest pixie cut hair.  Not that it's ever been cut, it's just grown in that way and is so adorable.  I love all things 50's in style right now, and that hair cut goes right along with that.

I'm having so much fun dressing her in all the dresses and leggings I have for her.  I have been so blessed to receive all the clothing she needs from my sister and a dear friend.  Everything they send along is so cute and stylish and beautiful I want to take a picture of her every morning.  Short dresses and bloomers or leggings are my favourite thing to dress her in these days.

I still haven't had any luck with a carrier.  I don't mind carrying a baby all day, but my arms are protesting the 20 pounds lately.  On the plus side, the definition in my arm muscles are fantastic.  Nevertheless I could get a few more things done around the house/outside if she would settle into a sling or a baby carrier.

She still loves to move her wrists.  For months now she has loved to move her hand back and forth at the wrist, just watching it go around and around.  She also loves to flap both hands when she's excited or anxious or crying.  People think it's the cutest thing, and it really is.  She just started waving using that same motion at the wrist.  And she discovered how to pat her mouth while saying "aaaaaahhhhhh" and getting that intermittent sound.  She'll do it to her mouth, youth mouth, or take your hand and get you to do it to her mouth.

Her eyes are a brilliant blue; we get so many compliments on them.  All of our kids have blue/green eyes or some shade in between.  I hope hers stay the colour they are.

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