Friday, 12 April 2013


This week, I was an organizing rock star.

It all started with some inspiration last weekend to make my days more purposeful.  I remembered a friend who wrote about a Home Organization package she purchased to help organize her life/home/kids.  The one she bought was no longer available, so I started browsing online (thank you Pinterest) to find some other templates out there to use.

Eventually I found a few templates for things I wanted, but then ended up using those to make my own based on what I wanted to see on each page.  Essentially I wanted 4 things:

1) a weekly calendar
2) a meal plan
3) daily chore list
4) birthday list

I have never been so focused and productive with such purpose.

The weekly calendar I printed had the idea of putting priority ideas on the bottom, so you could choose what you wanted to focus on that week.  For example, under "Kids" it said "one on one" "shopping" "homework" and "medical".  This week I circled medical, because I wanted to get the kids in for doctors and dentist appointments.  Under "Household" I circled "organizing."  Under "Marriage" I circled "date night."

You know what?  Every single priority I circled actually became that priority for the week.  And as I filled in my weekly calendar and daily chore/to do list, I made sure all those priorities were covered.  My biggest problem is that I remember everything I need to do at 11pm at night while lying in bed, and completely forget in the chaos of the day.

I was worried when I started out on this project that it would become "busy-work" - something I filled in for the sake of filling it in, and that it wouldn't actually improve my day to day.  Not. At. All.  And bonus: just being organized in my mind helped me be so much more productive during my days.  Meal prep happened before 4:30pm when the kids are usually at my heels, starving.  I organized the basement where clutter had piled up to the point of having to climb over things to get around.  I made those elusive doctor and dentist appointments.  I was caught up on laundry and got to each daily chore. I even booked the babysitter (we missed out last week because I kept remembering at 11pm at night.)

Yes, this week I was an organizing rock star.

(Lest you think I've actually got it all together, I will report back again in a few weeks, if I remember.  Better put that on the calendar...)


Bonnie said...

Wow - that is so exciting!!

Good job :)

Mom said...

Now you know why I used to have that daily calendar at my finger tips when you girls were growing up. :-)

Heather said...

You go girl :)

Jules said...

Caught up on laundry?! Sold!