Friday, 5 April 2013

Professional Parenting (part 2)

Ha ha ha ha ha.

That's the sound of my only slightly crazy mind laughing at me.

After writing the post and thinking about the 13 different aspects of professional parenting, I thought "I should get a notebook."  Some sort of home management binder.  I've seen lots of them around, that have cute little boxes for meal planning and straight empty lines for a to-do list and curly-cues around a place for deep, inspirational thoughts.  Yes, a planner is exactly what I need to make this more purposeful, more professional.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Then the following thoughts came to me:

"Yes, when you were a professional in advertising, you rose to your alarm at 6:30am to arrive at work at 8:45am to be ready to go for 9am.  But my job then didn't involve being up until 4am with a cranky baby."

"Yes, when you were a professional, you juggled a to-do list with the last-minute tasks dropped on your desk.  But you didn't have to do it all to the soundtrack of the incessant whining of a three year old."

"Yes, when you were a professional, you motivated others to aspire to high standards of success.  But they were adults with similar goals in mind, not children with the irrational expectation of eating candy  for breakfast every day."

"Yes, when you were a professional you had to juggle a crisis.  But it never, never, never involved someone pooping their pants 60 seconds before the school bus comes.  Never."

Just a good dose of reality amid my lofty goals.  I love having purpose, but it's good to stay grounded.

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heather80 said...

My day always involves someone pooping their both my paid and unpaid jobs. And it's not usually the baby.