Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Backyard baseball

Our boys love baseball, and our boys are not quiet.  The result: a neighbour from a couple houses down knocked at our gate last evening, and with a smile on her face asked: "I've finished all my chores...can I play?"  Did I mention this neighbour is a lovely single lady 57 years of age?  She said she had heard our many games over the summer and wanted to join in.

We welcomed her in and played on into the evening.  It was a little out of my comfort zone, at first.  I've said a few words in greeting to her, but not much more than that.  And my trusty extroverted husband was away on a business retreat.  Luckily, my lovely children turned on their charm tenfold and it all went smoothly.

Colin said that we should change our batting order (youngest to oldest) to let our guest go first.
Caleb said that Juliette, Katy (the neighbour) and I should go first because we are "babies and ladies."
Benjamin even offered up the bat (unheard of!) to Katy, begging her to hit the ball far.
Juliette just laughed and giggled and hit (yes!) and threw balls (yes) and ran the bases (she love baseball!)

Making our world smaller, one neighbour at a time :)

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