Monday, 5 May 2014


My friend posted that she buckled down to plan her summer, which made me want to do the same.  These minus temperatures in May are bumming us out, so we all needed to dream a little dream of sunnier times.

Swim lessons for all, once a week on Friday mornings.  It means that we might miss one or two here and there, but I like that it stretches out all summer instead of trying to go every single day for two weeks.

We will start our summer with a week long cottage retreat with my grandmother and cousins, like we did last year.  Everyone is another year older, which makes it a little easier.  I feel more comfortable with the boys wandering on their own, maybe even bringing their bikes.  I plan to spend every day either at the beach or at the park.

Mid July is the church Pageant in New York state.  We might just make this a day trip this year, but it's always a fun yearly tradition.

Mid August is the mom and kids camp.  A few weeks back I mentioned the camp to the boys, and Benjamin piped up "Oh, that's where Janelle is!  She is my very best friend ever!"  This camp is always the highlight of our summer.

We end the summer with another camp, a long weekend with our best friends and their kids.  They have a brand new baby as of last month, but the troopers they are, are still in!

I also plan to try and get out at least two other weekends camping with the family.  The kids love to be out roaming in the big outdoors.

Other than that, I foresee lots of ball hockey and soccer and long mornings at the park.  Some good books, some writing, and hopefully a chance to document it on photograph also!

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