Sunday, 9 November 2014


Our Caleb is seven.  I should probably write about how I can't believe he is already seven, where has the time gone, wasn't it just yesterday he was born?  But the truth is, he is an old soul.  What I really say to myself is "is he only seven?"  In fact there are times when I have to remind myself of that, as I sometimes put too high expectations on him.  He and Colin are the best of friends, and more often than not I see the two of them as eight or nine years old.

Caleb brings such joy to our home, smiles to our lips and amazement to our lives.  He lives his life with a running commentary in his head, and usually verbalizes it all day long.  He get the play-by-play, the review, the commentary, and the personal essay.

Caleb is smart as a whip and loves to learn.  Things come easy to him; new things snap into place very quickly in his mind.  He has that innate sense of logic that quickly scans a problem and then works it into a solution.  He works to make sense of something and then it sticks in his brain permanently.

Caleb is also incredibly social.  He does not search out to be the leader, but others flock to follow what he is doing.  I think it's an uncommon form of leadership in that sense.  He isn't looking to have everyone do what he is doing, or wanting to control the situation.  He simply does what he wants with such passion and joy that others see that it is a good road to walk.

Caleb, we are loving the dynamic you add to our family.  And that grin!  It says "life is good" and shines on everyone you meet.

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