Wednesday, 12 November 2014


For a short while, we were in a flurry to sell our home and buy another.  It was not specifically on our radar, but the seemingly "perfect" home came on the market, and after two years of perusing and finding exactly zero homes to our liking and budget, we thought we would jump.

Our home was not ready to go.  Four small kids and two adults in 1000 square feet means that we are packed in pretty tight.  And said small children do not leave a pretty home in perfect open house condition.  By the time we were ready to go, the other house was gone.  (I mean, literally.  Our agent was preparing our offer when we got word it was sold.)

I thought I would feel loss, but instead I feel peace.  I have suddenly seen what a beautiful blessing our home is.  A few articles about tiny homes and simple living have crossed my computer in the last couple of days and now I realize that we don't need more space.  We have that which we need and a little extra.  I can be happy here.

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