Sunday, 14 December 2014


On the family cat:

"I was just having a little talk with Cleo (our cat). We even put our hands together for a bit. I was thinking about how she's been separated from her family for twelve years now, so that she can be with us, and how that is a little sad for her."


On music:

"I want to do something that makes other people happy, so I'm thinking of starting a band.  I think I should play drums, because I can always find the beat of any song.  Then maybe I'll ask Evelyn or Charlotte to play piano, Benjamin to sing, and Mom to play electric guitar.

"I already auditioned Ben.  I had him sing "O Canada" since he knows that song well.  I listened to each line, and then when he got to the end I asked him to do the last bit again, but really try to belt out the last note, but without oversinging it.  That's the real key to a good singer.

"After I auditioned everyone, I would get everyone together and ask each person to play a little bit on their instrument.  I would listen to each person's style, and whatever is the centre core, that would be our sound.

"We would have to practice a lot, and then we could put on a concert.  I'm thinking that for the first few concerts we would charge a dollar a person, which would mean we each get 25 cents from every ticket.  I think we could get about 75 people out to our first concert.  Then when we are more popular, because these people tell others about us, we could up our price to $4 a ticket so we each make $1 per ticket.

"Do you have to buy a stadium or rent one?  Once we are big enough, we could rent out a place to play, like one of the big churches in town.  And we might have to play two or three nights in a row if there were lots of people who wanted to see us.

"Once we were big enough then we could record an album.  But only once we know there are enough people who want to buy it so we can make the money back that we have to pay to the recording people.

"You know what is the best about this?  It's work, but it also is something I love.  Not everyone gets to do something they love for work.  I get to make money, be happy, and make others happy.  That's a pretty good life."

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Kevin H. said...

So who made this young man so wise?

Love the idea that, not only is Mom the "Number One Fan" (whether or not Caleb is aware of the tradition), you're also the lead guitar player. : )