Thursday, 14 May 2015

Soccer season

We are on the doorstep of soccer season...full on soccer season.  We will have soccer games or practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening every week from now until the end of August.  I'm a little trepidatious, but also quite excited.  Because of our busy nights, I'm keeping the days low key.  We have one week of camping in July and one week in August, but other than that the days are for playing, exploring, and spur of the moment adventures.

Colin had his first rep soccer game last week, and lost in a very close match.  The other teams we play against are from big cities with serious soccer movements.  Their players practice multiple nights a week and have been training seriously for many years.  Orangeville is much more relaxed.  In fact, this is Colin's first year playing in the league.  Our team was evenly matched against the other team, but the difference is our team is just raw talent.  Once they start to really train, I can't wait to see what they can do.

Caleb is excited to get into a real league.  In the past the kids have played in a pick up league, which they sort of (unfairly) dominated.  I'm hoping that he will have some teammates who also have a real love of the game and also a little skill so that he can improve his own abilities.

Ben is just excited to play period.  We picked up his uniform tonight and he immediately put it on and wouldn't take it off.

Juliette doesn't yet know she won't get to play.  I pulled out an old uniform from Colin's first year and gave it to her.  She keeps asking when she gets to play "on the field."  Not until next year, darling!

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