Monday, 5 October 2015

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I've always had a wide variety of interests and hobbies, many of which could be turned into jobs or careers.  The trouble now is trying to decide what is what.  Over the last couple of months, I feel like one by one, the pieces of the puzzle are finding their place.  A lot of prayer and pondering has gone into this process, and it's not done yet.  But this is the direction I've received so far.

Music is meant to be just for me.  While in the past I have earned money teaching and coaching, I feel strongly that for now it is for my own healing.  I play and sing and write for myself, or to share my gift with others freely.  Right now, I cannot attach a price to this.  Freely I have been given, and freely I must give.

Photography is to be for enjoyment, for learning, and for a small profit.  I am not pursuing clients, but I will take those who approach me.  I am digging into the training I received years ago in university, and teaching myself new techniques in photography and editing.  I charge a nominal amount, really a very small amount compared to what my time and training are worth.  But in this I am able to give family photos to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it, while making a small amount of money on the side.

Teaching is where my next career is going to start.  This will involve two years of university, starting next September (hopefully.)  In a special blessing I received years ago, meant to help and direct my life, I was told that I would be a leader and example in the career I chose, and that the choice would be up to me.  That was a little scary to face, given the pressure for success but also the complete open ended choice.  I have always had a passion for teaching, but I feel that I won't stay in a classroom for 25 years.  Instead, I feel drawn to help in curriculum development or classroom teaching methods, or something like that.

Writing will pay for my schooling.  This is the biggest leap of faith for me, and the most recent puzzle piece to fall into place.  For a moment I doubted the truth of it, because it can be difficult to earn anything while writing, let alone paying for a university education.  A small miracle occurred to solidify my faith; while I was wondering and doubting, praying for a confirmation, I received an email out of the blue.  A producer for whom I wrote a script over a year ago emailed to say he had finally received payment from a client and was sending me my writing fee.  I had given up pursuing this money last year, and had completely forgotten I was owed it.  Then, just when I asked for confirmation that I could write and earn enough money, it arrived.  Currently I'm writing a screenplay, and if it moves forward as expected, I should receive a large payment for it.  There are no guarantees, but my confidence is buoyed.

I have a hundred writing ideas, and a dozen small business ideas, and I've never felt that I would lack ideas or abilities or opportunities to make money.  But it is a new experience to trust God so completely in such important decisions, instead of relying on my own strength and capability.

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