Saturday, 3 October 2015

Long breaks

These long breaks between entries are not intentional.  September was supposed to bring with it a return to schedule, and a moment to breathe again with the boys back in school.  Somehow I just haven't found the groove yet.  Supply teaching, working out at the gym, writing, has just gone by in a blur.

Juliette started preschool, which gives me one morning a week to run errands without a three year old in tow.  This has been the most difficult part of mothering so far: four kids who just don't do well in large spaces. My children crave the freedom to run, and that just doesn't work in a Wal-Mart, or a parking lot, or the grocery store.  The first day Juliette was at preschool I must have hit a dozen stops in less than two hours.  It was so stress-free I relished it.  It was supposed to be my writing time (a looming deadline is fast approaching) but it was too tempting.

Speaking of writing, I'm head deep in writing a screenplay.  The first draft was completed back in June, but a complete revamp is now underway.  As a writer, I have a dozen new story ideas a week and I can't wait until I have some time to get some of them on paper.

Soccer is about to start up again.  Colin and Caleb both had rep tryouts, and both made their teams.  We really enjoyed that part of our summer last year - lazy summer nights sitting by the field, chatting with friends, the younger ones at the parks, watching the boys play their hearts out.

I'm gearing up to apply for teacher's college, starting next fall.  I've had so much encouragement, from teacher friends and from teaching professionals who have seen me supply.  While I don't know that I'll stay in the classroom for my whole career, this is definitely the first step.

After a decade away, I've rejoined the cell phone league.  I still have trouble remembering to charge the thing and make sure I take it with me, but we've ditched the landline at home, so hopefully before long it will start to stick.

And finally, I moved our piano from the playroom into the living room.  The poor think has been gathering dust because I can only play it when the children are all otherwise occupied, but that usually means they are in the playroom, which makes it difficult for me to actually sit at the piano.  This year I joined a choir and we are preparing Handel's Messiah for the Christmas season, but I've been sorely missing my musical outlet as of late.  Time to remedy that.

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