Saturday, 26 January 2008

Will somebody pay attention to me please?

Amid a whirl of activity yesterday, Colin was desperately trying to get James' attention:
Colin: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy! James! Sweetie!


During our week-long moratorium on movies:
Colin: Dumbo?
Mom: No, Colin. No Dumbo. No movies today.
Colin: Bug's Life?
Mom: No. No movies. Would you like to do a puzzle with me?
Colin: Monsters?
Mom: No movies.
Colin: Toy Story? Okay.

Having given himself permission, he proceeded to get the movie out and put it on himself.


At the end of naptime, Colin often crouches at the return vent in his room, which leads to our family, and calls down to us. He likes to let us know he's awake and ready to come out of his room.

Colin: Mommy? Mommy? Somebody?

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