Monday, 14 January 2008

Working Man

(Conversation at lunch the other day)

Colin: Where's Daddy?
Mom: At work.
Colin: Ma?
Mom: Ma is working, too. And Pa is working, and Auntie Jennifer is working, and Auntie Krystal is working and Uncle Jesse is working.
Colin: Mommy not working?
Mom: Yes, Mommy is working. I get to work at home. My work is playing with you and making lunch and tidying up.
Colin: (pause) Colin work too?
Mom: Where would you like to work?
Colin: Work at nursery. (Nursery is the class Colin attends Sundays at church, for 1 1/2-3 year olds)
Mom: That sounds like fun. What would you do at work?
Colin: Play toys, with Timmy and Grayson. (His friends)
Mom: That sounds like a great job.
Colin: (nods with satisfaction) Colin go to work.

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