Friday, 1 August 2008

Colin Says:

Colin: Glumph, aruga, ahanaba.
Mommy: Colin, don't talk with food in your mouth, honey.
Colin: (spits out a mouthful of strawberry into his hand) It's very yummy! (puts half chewed strawberry back in)

Well, you can't say he wasn't at least trying to do as I asked!


Colin: Mommy, I don't like your shirt.
Mommy: Which one do you like?
Colin: The one with the bubbles. Can you wear that one?
Mommy: Well, this one is the one with the buttons, for me to do yard work in.
Colin: Okay.

(9 hours later, after nap, he opened his eyes and the first words out of his mouth were:)

Colin: Mommy, you changed your shirt! Where is the one with the buttons?
Mommy: It was dirty so I put on this new yellow one.
Colin: (sizing it up) Okay. I like that one, too.

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