Saturday, 16 August 2008

Dinner with the girls

Last night I had a fantastic evening out with three girlfriends of mine. Good food, good friends, good laughs (lots and lots and lots of laughs) all makes for a wonderful time.

We went out for Summerfeast, a local event where some of the fine dining restaurants offer three course meals at a great price. Not only was my meal delicious, but it looked fantastic also. You know you're eating well when the plate could be photographed as art.

We were out nearly four hours, which flew by faster than time has ever flown before. We talked about children, husbands, careers, church, diapers (we can never escape that!), movies, books, our lives, name it, we chatted about it. I think we shed the most tears as we gasped in laughter over a book called "Where's my poop?" that my friend saw for sale in a supersized grocery store. this is the plot summary from

"This engaging lift-the-flap book shows children that all creatures have a place to poop: tigers in the jungle, kangaroos in the outback, and monkeys in the rain forest. With the aid of this playful book, your child will see that he or she has a place to poop, too. While reinforcing the concept of toilet training, Where's the Poop? gives children the confidence they need."

I think most of you have creative enough minds to see the path this conversation traveled down...I think I've written enough on this subject to last me a while.

As we reluctantly dragged our satiated bodies to our feet to leave, we all agreed that we needed to do dinner again. And not in a "let's do it again but we know it won't be fore another six months" kind of way. It was a good reminder to me that I love (and need) time with friends, conversation with people over the age of two, and a chance to talk about something other than Thomas the Tank Engine, Raffi, sandboxes and diapers (most of the time!).

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