Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Life in Snapshots

Music is a huge part of life in our home. Caleb has just discovered he can reach the piano keys, and loves to play. He also comes crawling whenever I sit to play and sing, pulls himself up and stands beside me at the piano bench, completely enthralled.
Colin's a little further along. He loves to sit and play, and even turns the pages in the books as he goes along. He also loves to sit beside me when I play, but he only lets me play songs wants to hear. This means only songs from the Reader's Digest Children's Songbook (a fantastic collection - I highly recommend it!), including: "On top of Spaghetti", "How much is that Doggie in the Window", "Chickery Chick", "When I See an Elephant Fly", "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and anything else that mentions a train, or has a train illustration on the page.
As you can see, Colin is obsessed with trains. Here he is at the "Day out with Thomas" event, playing with the tracks they had set up. His father and grandparents (who spoil him endlessly) are going to build a table and set up this track set (seen above) for him for Christmas/Birthday. He will go crazy over it, and all the money and work will be beyond worth it!
Caleb loves puzzles. more to the point, he loves pulling the puzzles off their neatly stacked spot on the bookshelf and launching them across the room. This guy is so strong! I can remember when he was three months old I picked him up off the floor and thought "man, he's getting heavy!" Then I noticed he had been holding onto a bouncy chair and had lifted the entire chair right off the ground!
Two brothers. Caleb thinks the world of Colin. He is trying so desperately to grow up faster and get bigger and stronger and more capable so that he can keep up with his big brother. Colin is slowly warming to the idea. In this photo, Colin is "parking" his little cars between the keys of the piano, and Caleb is trying hard to copy him.
And here they are. Two smiley peas in a pod. I love these guys.


Anonymous said...

Did you get my message about my visiting the train shoppe?

Douglas said...

Yes - sorry I didn't reply. I'm hoping to take him in September (when I've got access to the car again!)

Thanks again for the recommendation - I'm sure he'll go crazy over it!

Anonymous said...

Why are you Douglas?

Terri-Ann said...

Didn't realize I was signed in under the business account (Douglas is James' Dad who has a gmail account under "Senior Moving") Glad you realized it was still me!