Friday, 5 September 2008

You've gotta laugh

Colin: I'm hungry.
Terri-Ann: Would you like a snack?
Colin: Yes. I'd like some nutmeg, please.
Terri-Ann: Well, you can't eat nutmeg by itself. It's a spice. You put it on something. Would you like me to put some nutmeg on some apple slices for you?
Colin: Yes please.

(I slice an apple, sprinkle it with nutmeg and serve it up on a plate. Then I proceed to the living room and pick up my book. Colin follows me in.)

Colin: I'm just going to sit here, okay.

(He gingerly places the plate on the couch, climbs up, crosses his legs and pulls the plate onto his lap. He selects an apple slice, takes a bite and then casually says:)

Colin: So, how is your day?
Terri-Ann (stifling laughter) Not bad. How's your day.
Colin: Pretty good.

(Colin eats a few more slices)

Colin: So, how was your birthday?
Terri-Ann: A lot of fun.
Colin: Hmm.
Terri-Ann: Do you have any plans for today?
Colin: Um, yep.
Terri-Ann: What are you going to do?
Colin: My plans are green.


Terri-Ann: Oh, that's good.
Colin: I love nutmeg. It's my favourite.

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