Friday, 30 January 2009

Rest Time with the Clock

As Colin is transitioning out of naps, the days that he isn't tired he still must spend some time in his room playing or reading quietly. (Mommy also needs this rest time!). Some days he gets restless before time is up, and so yesterday I took down his clock and told him that when the black hand reaches the twelve (about another 15 minutes or so), then he may call me to open the door so that he may come downstairs. He loves his Toronto Maple Leaf clock, and enjoyed keeping an eye on the time as he played.

I knew it wouldn't last forever, but I thought I would get more than a day out of it! Today I told him he had to wait until the hand touched the four. I was only gone from the room a few minutes when I heard the small cry of "Mommy!" waft down the vent.

He proudly displayed the clock to me:

"Mommy! Look! When I touch this button the hand moves all by itself!"

He wound the button a little more, just enough until it touched the four.

"Now, look! It's touching the four! Rest time is over. May I watch my movie now?"

Up he jumped from his bed, freed from his bedroom by both the clock and his own genius.

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