Saturday, 28 February 2009

At last...

I think we have success with the toilet training. I think Colin is the last of the boys his age to get there, but here we are at last. With absolutely no interest in interrupting his playtime at our house, my mother actually began things at her house. A new setting and a new toilet were just enough of a change to get Colin interested. From there I got him excited about his new "Tigger and Pooh" underwear. And from there it just came naturally. After two days of my incessant: "do you have to go pee?" and being met each time by an annoyed stare, Colin simply learned what it felt like to need to go to the bathroom. Two accidents (while I was distracted) and then that was it!

I have been dreading toilet training, but now that it's over, it really wasn't that bad at all.

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mommy's thoughts! said...

good job! It feels good not having to change a diaper anymore. Now on to the next one, hahahaha, I wish!