Sunday, 15 February 2009

PS - I love you

Last night was Valentines Day. James and I had an interesting conversation over dinner about how much or little this holiday could/should mean. We both agreed a "Hallmark" holiday is a poor reason to shell out a lot of money on flowers that die and a host of red, pink and white toys. We also agreed that "we don't need a day to tell each other "I love you". James pointed out that a surprise gift or special dinner or date is much better than eating in a restaurant crowded with a hundred other couples all trying to have a "special" evening out. I also don't like the pressure around our children, to create cards for every person in their class and bake heart shaped cookies and eat another gallon of chocolate and candy. I don't even really think kids should celebrate Valentines - if it is to be celebrated at all, it should be between two people in love.

I mentioned, however, that the week before Valentines was kind of nice, because there is a buzz in the air kind of like the excitement of Christmas. Friends and loved ones talking about upcoming plans, special gifts, and time spent together. The anticipation of surprising your husband or wife with something thoughtful (and not always in the form a store-bought gift) is kind of nice.

That being said, our general consensus was not to make a big deal out of it. So we cooked a nice dinner for ourselves once the kids were in bed and ate our meal while it was hot and without jumping up and down every 30 seconds (a luxury we rarely are afforded!). Then we cuddled up to watch the film "PS - I love you." If you have seen this movie, I don't need to say anything more about it. If you haven't seen this movie - go rent it, buy a box of Kleenex and prepare to weep your eyes out, while enjoying a good chuckle and sharing many knowing looks between you and your loved one. I rarely cry during a movie - really and truly - maybe only a handful of times in my life. And within 10 minutes the tears poured, and continued almost non-stop through the entire film. It's a great romantic comedy.

Thus endeth another Valentines Day. I hope we both remember our vow that we "don't need a calender day to show each other our love" and that we really can carry this throughout the year.

And to James:

PS - I love you.

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