Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snip snip buzz

Yesterday I tried my hand at home haircuts. I bought my own little kit, complete with razor, length adjustments, scissors, comb, etc. So while Caleb slept I set Colin up at the kitchen table with a snack and a movie and 'went to work'.

An hour + one crooked haircut later, I have decided this time-saving method is not worth it for me. Colin's rebellious thick curls resulted in many "ouches!" when the razor got caught and plucked out some hairs. The mass of hair on top made it nearly impossible for me to tell where I had cut and where I hadn't. The wiggly bum of a three-year old made me constantly fear gouging his smooth skin with the point of my scissors. The hour of pleading and coaxing and brow furrowing and lip biting and guessing made me toss the whole haircutting set into a bag and stowed it away deep in my linen closet.

The end result isn't too awful. It's short - which was the point. The top isn't quite so fly-away. And yes, the diagonal line at the front is entirely meant to be that way.

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