Monday, 29 June 2009


Caleb is in the "monkey see, monkey do" stage right now - and the one he usually chooses to imitate is, of course, big brother. The funny, and sometimes stomach turning, thing is that Caleb has no fear and throws himself right in without consideration. Colin is two years older, two years stronger, two years more developed in balance and coordination. But Caleb doesn't seem to see this - all he sees is Colin doing something and figures "hey, why not me too?"

Some days I have to put a stop on Colin's adventurous nature, like asking him not to climb to the top of the couch and jump over it. I personally have no issues with him getting out his energy with a little climbing, but Caleb follows right behind, thrusting himself up and over the back of the loveseat, which doesn't sit against a wall. While Colin manages to balance on the top of the couch, Caleb inevitably will propel himself head first right over!

But the funniest copycat moment occurred this past weekend while we were playing in the backyard. Colin was running around the yard, Caleb scurrying behind as fast as his legs would take him. If Colin darted into the playhouse, in followed Caleb. Then over to kick a ball, around a tree, down the slide, over to high-five Dad, over to hug me, back around the tree, tearing across the lawn. Then, as Colin was running across the yard, his feet got tangled beneath him and he tripped, falling hard to the ground. There he lay, recovering from the fall, when along came Caleb behind, and he immediately threw himself to the ground, lying face down in the grass.

I burst out laughing. Nothing was going to elude Caleb! After a few seconds they both got up and ran off again. But this event is a perfect example of this copycat stage Caleb is in right now.

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Jules said...

Omg that's hilarious! I can just picture the whole thing happening!