Thursday, 11 June 2009

Just a little pick me up

I'm a little lost for days this morning, due to a surprise time out in the hospital this week. After some extra tests and a little specialists advice, my doctor admitted me to the hospital on Monday for a little "pick me up" and some more tests. It's not uncommon that pregnancy drains you as your body starts diverting blood and nutrients to the baby. But the amount I'm being depleted is really unusual, and the doctor wanted to make sure that there was nothing else going on, hiding behind the face of pregnancy. So into the hospital I went.

There were no beds, so the only place they could find for me the maternity wing. That was really not fair. There I was, sitting in bed, listening to mom after mom come in, deliver, and go home with a little new baby. And I knew that it will be another 6 1/2 months before I get to go home with mine. They don't usually take early pregnancies in the maternity ward, so the whole thing was unusual.

I spent three days and two nights hooked up to an IV, being pumped full of all sorts of different vitamins and nutrients, plus a steady dose of Gravol. And I've never felt better! Also contributing to my feeling of well-being was my inability to go anywhere other than the bathroom. There was nothing to take me more than 10 feet from my bed, and so I stayed rested for the whole visit.

All the tests came back fine. Diagnosis: I am losing nutrients and such in my body as if I were throwing up non-stop - except that I'm not throwing up at all. Basically the baby is taking so much from me my body isn't able to compensate and give me enough energy to do anything, hence the difficulty in breathing, eating, talking, walking. The hope is that by the time I'm 4 months along my body will have adapted enough that I can be up and going again.

I'm on a much more strict bed-rest policy. I haven't left the home in over a month, but I was going up and down the stairs for food, and occasionally to see the boys. The hospital visit boosted all my levels, but the baby will continue to drain me, so I need to conserve all I can and get past the first trimester.

I've been devouring books and keeping up some great email correspondence. With only two TV channels, I don't spend a lot of time watching the television except to fall asleep to its drone at night. I'm really missing interaction with people, but this won't last more than another 4-8 weeks. In the end, I guess it really isn't a huge amount of time.

As I was leaving the hospital, however, I did tell the nurses there was no I was coming back and leaving without a baby!

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heather80 said...

Glad you're feeling better now :).