Thursday, 11 June 2009

Garden fairies

I have had some mysterious garden fairies dropping in on our home lately...

Okay, they aren't really mysterious, they are two absolutely amazing friends of mine who have really taught me what serving others is all about. I am always eager to help others and always volunteer my name as someone to call if they ever need anything. But I find myself rarely called upon. I know it's not because of trust or friendship - it's simply our reluctance to actually call when we need help. I think most people suffer from this - either because they don't want to depend on others, or they aren't sure how and when to ask for the help they need. Since I've been ill with this pregnancy, though, I have been shown how to really step in and serve even before a need is voiced.

Several friends rang up and told me they were dropping by with dinner. One day I even ended up with three meals at once (which I was able to freeze). Other friends have dropped in to amuse my boys, or take them for a play date, especially during the days before we had our nanny in place. And then there are my two garden fairies, with all their kids in tow, who beautified my front gardens, and are now out back planting my longed-for vegetable garden. My friend had inquired whether or not I wanted them to plant it - and I had opted out, unsure of if I would be able to tend and care for it during this illness. But it seems my garden fairies, likely knowing my excitement over the past two years of finally planting my own garden, have stepped in to get things, growing...anyway.

I'm so grateful for the amazing friends I have, new and old and rekindled. There are so many things that tie us together, and so many differences that make the friendships spicy and interesting. I have always had a wide variety of friends, but I am discovering the richness of friendships as an adult that is never really present as a child or teenager.

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