Saturday, 27 February 2010


Babies grow way too fast. I have already had to break open my second bin of baby clothes - the 6-12 month bin. That's right. Before he was 2 months old, I needed the 6 month sleepers! Benjamin is about 12 pounds, but growing so long he needs the bigger sleepers.


Our little guy is so mellow. He cries when he needs something, but is so easily soothed. And if he's fed and changed and rested, he's content to just sit and watch the action. Which is nice, because it means I'm actually able to cook and clean a bit during the day.


Benjamin is a cuddler. He loves to snuggle up for his naps, and yes, I indulge him in that. Babies are only this little for such a short time. Although Colin and Caleb both still enjoy a good cuddle, it's not the same when their legs are overhanging the chair and their bodies run the entire length of your upper torso. There's just something so wonderful about a tiny baby tucking his legs up and curling his head into the crook of your neck. We take every afternoon nap together like that, and every other day or so I let him fall asleep at night on me also. It's funny - as we are fairly sure Benjamin will be our last baby, I find myself treasuring all these moments rather than becoming frustrated. Knowing as each day passes I won't have it again, even with another little one, makes me want to savour every second of it.

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