Tuesday, 16 February 2010


On compassion:

When Caleb was playing with a toy Colin wanted, Colin threw a fit and pronounced "Fine then. I'm not playing with you anymore, Dad." Colin proceeded to stomp off upstairs. Caleb, a little worried, ran after him, offering the toy in his outstretched hand, pleading "Here, Colin. You have it. Just please still play with Daddy!"


I recently purchased a DVD set that goes through 5 different types of exercise routines, one of which is Yoga. One morning last week while Colin was at school, I did the Yoga routine for the first time. Caleb saw what I was doing and stood right alongside for the entire length of the workout, concentrating hard on the woman showing the poses and doing his best to imitate her and I. This morning he found the DVD case and came running to me:

"Mommy, let's play yoga!"

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